Firefighter up for award after helping assaulted man

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A Biggleswade firefighter who helped a seriously ill man after he had been assaulted has been nominated for an award.

Gregory Magill was heading home when he noticed a fight between four men in Biggleswade.

One man had been seriously assaulted and was lying on the ground.

Gregory identified himself as a firefighter and quickly assessed the casualty’s condition.

He was unconscious, had lacerations to his head and a broken nose. Gregory enlisted the help of a bystander to help him roll the man onto his side, allowing him to clear and maintain the airway, enabling the casualty’s breathing to return to normal.

He controlled his bleeding and kept the scene calm. He gave a clear, accurate and concise handover to the ambulance crew and helped lift the casualty onto a stretcher.

Without his intervention and control, the casualty’s condition could have quickly deteriorated to a critical level.

Gregory has now been nominayed as firefighter of the year in the Spirit of Fire awards, an annual event organised by the Firefighters Charity.