‘For me my life was perfect, now it’s rubbish’

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For Tracey Seward, May 27, 2015 was the day her life changed forever.

What started as a normal day changed when she arrived home from dropping her toddler daughter off at her parents, to find a police car at her Tempsford home.

She was told husband Mark had been injured in an accident at work, and was taken to a hospital in Coventry by police.

“When we got to the hospital they took me into the family room and they said they were going to get the doctor and that’s when I thought something serious had happened,” she said.

Mark, 49, had suffered catastrophic head injuries after being hit by a pipe at his work in Stratford-upon- Avon where he was working as an engineer and plant fitter.

“It’s only just now that I’m realising this really is happening to me,” she said. “It feels like you are in a soap opera.”

Tracey and Mark met in 2010 and after a whirlwind romance married at Tempsford Methodist church in August 2010.

They both have sons from previous relationships, anddaughter Daisy was born in 2013.

“Things were just perfect,” said Tracey, “We had just met, got married, were in love and had a baby. Life was just perfect.

“To me he was just perfect, he loved his kids, loved his weekends at home, he was always busy, always fixing things.

“For me my life was perfect and now its rubbish, I never thought I could feel this bad about anything.

“His parents Helen and Tim are devastated.

“He was a perfectly healthy, active, strong person. No-one expects to find the police at their door to tell you something like that.”

Mark had always lived in Tempsford and attended Everton Lower and Sandy Upper School.

After the inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death last week in Stratford,the Health and Safety Executive will be bringing proceedings against the firm AGD Equipment Ltd.