Fourteen haunting silhouettes mark the homes for Biggleswade’s fallen

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Stratton’s Upper School’s History department has been working on a centenary memorial for the one-hundred year anniversary of Armistice Day.

Fourteen silhouette figures have been created to represent individuals from Biggleswade who gave their lives during the First World War 1914- 1918. These men had once held residence in Biggleswade and the silhouette figures have been placed near their former home.

A guide to the memorial has been created with a map and trail that can be used to locate them around Biggleswade.

Of course, one hundred years ago Biggleswade was a much smaller town, and therefore most of the residences of these soldiers can be found close to the town centre.

One silhouette figure will be placed outside of Stratton Upper School to commemorate the relative of Garry Sampford, whom made a massive contribution to creating this memorial.

Both Mr MacWhinnie and Mr McIntosh have been collaborating with various groups to make this possible including the Technology Department, Garry Sampford, Daisy Guildford, Class 9Y2, Biggleswade Town Council, and Central Beds Council.

The silhouettes can be found near:

27 Drove Road

53 Lawrence Road

St John’s Street

32 Sun Street

79 Sun Street

Gladstone Close

Shortmead Street (North)

Wesleyan Methodist Church

Shortmead Street (South)

14 High Street

22 Stratton Street (52 High Street)

The Baulk (Library)

3 London Road

Stratton Upper School