Full peal will celebrate the finished bells

The bells project
The bells project

St Andrew’s bell ringers in Biggleswade will be attempting to ring the first full peal on the newly restored and augmented ring on Saturday, November 12.

The ringing, under the captaincy of Anthony Smith, is to celebrate the successful completion of the Bell’s Project at St Andrew’s Church, The Vicarage.

It will commence at 10am and if successful the ringing will continue until approximately 1pm. A full peal involves concentration and teamwork for about three hours, for it to be successful the ringing must be continuous and without error.

The Bell’s Project was launched in May 2012, the centenary of the first installation – sufficient funds were available last year and work began in January.

They were completed in time for the Bishop of St Albans to dedicate them on Sunday, September 25.

Anthony Smith, the Tower Captain at St Andrew’s Church, said: “The bells have been restored for the first time in 100 years and we want to celebrate the fact that it is complete.

“There was a full peal in 1913 when they were last restored.

“Two of the people that started the ringing in 1913 lost their lives in the Great War and we thought it would be good to link the two together.

“On Saturday we will be celebrating the restoring of the bells and remembering their lives, we have restored the bells so they are up to date and modern.

“In a way we are looking to the future and commemorating the past.”

The two bell ringers they will be remembering are Edmund Stratton, who died on July 1, 1916, aged 24, and Harry Rowlett, who died on November 13, 1916, aged 24.