Get ready for a musical treat

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Anyone strolling through Campton village on a Wednesday night could be forgiven for thinking they’d died and gone to heaven, as singing of ethereal beauty wafts from the church.

In fact it would just be Campton Community Choir rehearsing for their summer concert.

The passer-by stopped in his tracks would hear everything from a Brahms chorale to the Mamas and Papas via folk, spirituals, West End musicals and pop classics.

This year’s concert, entitled Brahms to Bernstein, features a wide range of songs under the dynamic direction of Dominic Keating-Roberts, an inspirational Performing Arts teacher and vocal specialist.

Dom coaxes startling and wonderful performances from the choir using a combination of encouragement, humorous banter and rigorous technique.

This is not a church choir but a gathering of people of all ages from all walks of life, and the only requirements are a serious love of singing and a lively sense of humour.

They adopted the church as a rehearsal and performance space after losing their original rehearsal space in Bedford.

Since the move they have gone from strength to strength, a high point of last year being a flash mob performance at a busy charity launch event.

The other thing the choir have in common is that they are all women, despite an open invitation to the community and no ability to read music required.

Plainly the raucous female laughter and hubbub of the mid-evening tea break has put that male passer-by off!

Everyone is invited to the concert on Saturday 25 June at 7.30 in Campton Church.

Join the choir and their young musical guests for a short programme of songs to make you sing along, laugh, cry, smile and feel all tingly!

The concert is free (with a local charity collection) and a refreshing glass of Pimms is included!

You might even feel the urge to join!