Give your feedback on town parking

Rose Lane car park. PIC: June Essex
Rose Lane car park. PIC: June Essex

Biggleswade residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback about commuter-parking during a preliminary consultation.

The consultation will take place on May 13 between 2pm and 8pm at the Town Council office in Saffron Road, where Council representatives will be on hand to answer any questions.

The areas being consulted are roads in the vicinity of Dells Lane, London Road, Holme Crescent, Osprey Road and The Baulk and the consultation will give residents an opportunity to obtain more information before submitting their questionnaires.

Thi event will provide residents with an opportunity to tell the council about the parking difficulties they experience, whether they want parking controls and, if so, what sort of restriction would they favour.

Marcel Coiffait, Director of Community Services, Central Beds Council said: “Central Beds Council want to get their parking plan right and the only we can do that is to ask the people who matter what they think.”

Questionnaires will be distributed to all homes in the relevant areas next week and you can have your say until Sunday, May 31 by visiting