GP shortage causing patient real concern

Clive Lombari is concerned about GP shortages
Clive Lombari is concerned about GP shortages

An Arlesey resident is concerned by what he sees as an impending GP crisis.

Clive Lombari believes GP shortages are only going to get worst and that something urgent needs to be done about the problem.

He is a patient at Arlesey Medical Centre who has approximately 3,850 patients but in recent months has lost a number of doctors and is finding it difficult to replace them.

Mr Lombari says he is struggling with the continuity of his care.

He said: “There are no doctors I now know at Arlesey Medical Centre.

“My main concern is getting some medical continuity and not having to explain all my history everytime I see a locum GP.”

The Medical Centre realise this is not ideal but is determined to provide the best care possible.

Practice Manager Richard Stead said: “At the moment the situation is not perfect for our patients or the surgery and we would prefer a more settled environment.

“But from our perspective if patients are ill it is crucial they can see any doctor regarding their problems.”

The Medical Centre currently employ one full-time doctor, two locum GPs (who are not tied to the surgery) and a nurse practitioner who can deal with minor illnesses such as colds.

On the overall GP shortage problem Mr Stead said: “It is very difficult to be precise regarding the issue.

“Quite a number of more mature GPs are taking early retirement and there are not as many doctors coming through leaving us with a void.

“We now find ourselves in a very competitive market with several surgeries fighting over a limited number of doctors,” he added.

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