Happy 110th birthday!

Margaret Fish celebrates on Saturday and is believed to be the oldest person in Bedfordshire

A woman – believed to be the oldest in Bedfordshire – is celebrating turning 110 years old this weekend.

Margaret Fish, who lived in Cople for 30 years but now lives in a nursing home in Wilstead, turns 110 on Saturday, March 7. A family party was held on Friday.

Daughter Barbara Cotton, 71, said: "I am absolutely amazed that she has made it this long.

"I went to visit her yesterday and I thought she really doesn't look a day over 90. She is in pretty good health for her age and she has outlived the rest of the family.

"She still doesn't take any medicine or tablets so maybe that's one of her secrets."

The birthday girl will be celebrating with her family and the Lord Lieutenant Samuel Whitbread will also be dropping in with his wife.

Margaret was born in 1899 in Bow in London where she remained until she moved to Bedford in 1941.

She met husband Frank during the war when he was on leave from serving in France. They married in 1927.

The couple had another daughter Elsie, and Barbara gave them a grandaughter Alison, who has a son Edward.

Frank died in 1987, aged 89, from a heart and lung condition and Margaret remained in the bungalow until she moved in with her daughter in 2004.

She remained there until two years ago when she moved into Danecroft Nursing Home in Wilstead.

Barbara added: "We have been told that she is the oldest in Bedfordshire, which is really quite an achievement and she is now known as a super centenarian.

"I think she'll outlive us all."