New faith and belief room for Bedford Hospital

Bedford Hospital south wing accident and emergency.
Bedford Hospital south wing accident and emergency.

Work begins this month to relocate and improve Bedford Hospital’s chapel, which will become the new Faith and Belief Room.

Due to upcoming work to expand and upgrade Bedford Hospital’s endoscopy unit, the chapel will be moved along the corridor to what is currently used as office space.

The rooms will have extensive building work so as to create a good space for the Faith and Belief Room and entrance doors will be on the main corridor.

The new facilities will include a large communal area for all to use for individual prayer, meditation, or just quiet reflection as well as hosting the Muslim Friday prayers and the Sunday Service. The new and improved chaplaincy office will be located next to the Faith and Belief Room for confidential spiritual and emotional support.

Director of nursing, Nina Fraser, said: “It is fantastic to see that our original plans and ideas are now becoming a reality. “We are proud to be able to represent Bedford’s multi faith community and to support all patients, staff and visitors with our new Faith and Belief Room at Bedford Hospital.”

The work is expected to last around six weeks.