New lease of life for transplant dad from Biggleswade

Paul Oakins with his son Jack
Paul Oakins with his son Jack

A cricket club manager who tipped the scales at 31st is enjoying a whole new lease of life thanks to a liver transplant.

For Paul Oakins, 41, even the smallest of activities was a struggle after developing problems with his liver and kidneys.

The dad-of-three said: “I couldn’t really put one foot in front of the other.

“I just got very big and couldn’t get rid of water retention.

“I put on 10st of fluid and the doctors explained that my liver basically had a meltdown and my kidneys weren’t functioning properly.”

Paul, who runs a host of businesses, and is soon to open a sports shop in Biggleswade, attributed much of the problems to a stressful, “work hard, play hard” lifestyle.

He underwent the liver transplant at Addenbrookes Hospital on August 4.

Within two days, Paul was out of the high dependency unit and was discharged just in time for Bedfordshire Country Cricket Club’s (BCCC) match against Cumberland in Luton on August 14.

Paul, who manages the team, said: “It was the first thing I did out of hospital and I felt absolutely fine.

“The weight has come right off since the transplant, I’m down to 21st with more to go.”

And nobody has been more happy about his transformation than his three children, Sam, 12, Jack, 10 , and nine-year-old Ellen.

Paul said: “They’ve been brilliant. I’m getting time to spend with them now, just being able to stand for an hour is making a massive difference. The boys are interested in cricket and I’m coaching them.”

Now, Paul is aiming towards taking part in the British Transplant Games in Liverpool next year.

Paul said: “I wanted to do it to raise money for Addenbrookes. I’d love to thank all the staff who were amazing, on D5 liver ward and G5 transplant ward.

“Also, the BCCC committee, the players and finally friends and family. Also Aiden Jones’ gym in Biggleswade for putting me on the way to 2016 in Liverpool!”