Heart op patient takes a spin from London to Paris

Fred Rumming
Fred Rumming

A Clifton man who had heart surgery two years ago has completed a London to Paris cycle ride.

Fred Rumming has raised around £2,000 so far for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) on his latest fundraiser, braving tough terrain and bad weather along the way.

He underwent life-saving open heart surgery at Harefield Hospital to repair an aortic root aneurism and to have a mechanical valve fitted, in July 2014.

Fred, who ‘inherited’ Marfan Syndrome from his paternal side, raised £1,021 for the BHF on their 90-mile cycle ride from Oxford to Cambridge last year.

He set off from the outskirts of London on this latest ride on September 3, arriving at the The Palace of Versailles near Paris three days and 245 miles later.

Fred’s support driver Roma Taylor was behind him with food, water, tools, spares, cycling clothes, who had been following by satnav.

After taking a wrong turn on the third day she said: “I ignored the satnav and found out with mounting realisation exactly what was coming up for Fred. The relentless hills, the rain and the wind. Up to this point, the satnav had taken me the quickest route and I hadn’t seen what Fred had had to do.

“When Fred arrived in Paris, I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt about him and what he had done - and I’d only seen a very small part of it really.