Heidi’s loss helps give her a whole new lease of life

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Heidi Cook from Biggleswade has a new lease of life after losing almost a third of her body weight.

31-year-old Heidi, originally from Australia, was over 16 stone before health concerns motivated her to sign up to her local Weightwatchers meeting and kick-start her weight loss journey

Heidi was the biggest in her friendship group and began feeling self-conscious about her size. Although aware of her weight, the trigger moment to do something about it came whilst on holiday with a friend:

“It wasn’t until I was on holiday with a girlfriend that I decided I had to do something about it. We had been a similar size in university so she said I could wear some of her clothes for a fancy lunch that we were going on, but when I tried them on I resembled the Michelin Man! From that moment I knew enough was enough. I returned from that holiday and joined Weight Watchers as soon as I got home. When I made the decision to lose weight there was no other option for me – my mum, auntie and cousin are all gold members and I knew I wanted to get there with them.”

Heidi joined Weight Watchers in January 2016, and has since lost more than 5 stone, transforming herself.

“I don’t change my life, I just change the way that I look at food. I went from being someone who didn’t have enough time to lose weight - and that’s why I was the size I was - to being someone who makes time! I now make time to eat better, to exercise and most importantly make time for me!”