Hot coffee and warm hearts at this cafe!

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Coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of their favourite blend and leave the shop with a warm heart afterwards – thanks to a new scheme.

Cafe Mocha in Biggleswade has signed up to the suspended coffee initiative, where customers can pay for someone less fortunate to enjoy a milky latte or a frothy cappuccino.

Visitors to the High Street coffee shop can pay £2 for a token which is then kept behind the counter or can be passed on to someone else.

Customers who may find themselves a little hard up can then enjoy a coffee or any other drink at the cafe.

The idea was born in Italybefore spreading to Bulgaria and then to the US, Russia, Canada, Australia and Asia.

Now it seems Biggleswade is in on the act too.

Cafe Mocha owner Bill Simmons said: “Giving a drink to someone who can’t otherwise afford one opens up the opportunity for them to enjoy company and chat in our warm and safe 

“When customers settle their bills they can ask to buy a suspended coffee.

“They can then give the token to someone who can benefit from the scheme or ask a member of staff to keep – or suspend – the token for a future customer to use.”

A small plastic pot will be kept on the counter and will contain the pre-bought tokens. When a customer comes to place their order they can see if there are any tokens in the container and if there are they can then order a suspended coffee. Cafe Mocha is a not-for-profit social enterprise so it seems like an appropriate venue for the suspended coffee scheme to be in place.

Bill added: “A hot drink can make all the difference to someone who may be very strapped for cash and would like somewhere to go to have a coffee or another drink and chat to other customers.

“We have only started the scheme at Cafe Mocha quite recently but we have already had a lot of interest and sold quite a few tokens.”