Keep an eagle eye out for Norman!

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-150114-120312001

Pet owners in Bedfordshire have been put on alert after a golden eagle capable of hunting cats escaped from its trainer.

The bird of prey called Norman took flight on Friday after escaping from falconer Allen Smith.

He had loaned the eagle, with a six-foot wingspan, and took him to his workplace in Flitwick, Beds. when he went missing.

A number of sightings have been made across Bedfordshire and police have been informed.

Allen, from Lidlington, said Norman was a magnificent bird but added that he could “go for a cat” if he became really hungry.

His daughter Mel, 40, added that Norman shouldn’t get hungry for about three weeks and said they hoped to find him before he does attack any pets.

Three-year-old Norman stands roughly three feet tall and weighs 10lbs and can be easily identified by the leather straps dangling from his feet.