Keep learning is the message in stage four of wellbeing campaign

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Keep Learning is the latest message in a health project designed at improving wellbeing.

Central Bedfordshire Council is promoting the fourth of five themes in the campaign to help residents make a positive difference to their quality of life.

A three-year public health project was launched in Bedfordshire in May, designed to highlight simple actions anyone can take to make a positive difference to their wellbeing.

It has been supported by Five Ways to Wellbeing, five monthly themes which started in September and finish in January, with each being promoted by one of the partners - Central Bedfordshire Council, Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) and East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), which provides the Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

For December, Central Bedfordshire Council is promoting the fourth of these five themes, Keep Learning.

Trying something new, learning to play a musical instrument, developing a skill or even learning to cook a new dish are all easy ways to improve one’s wellbeing and quality of life, says the council.

There are also ways to Keep Learning through local libraries and leisure centres, and residents could get started by:

•Joining one of the ‘GetBackInto’ sessions held at leisure centres, which reintroduce people to sports in a relaxed and friendly setting. These are offered along with the County Sports Partnership. People can sign up by visiting

•Joining one of the many sports clubs operating in Central Bedfordshire by visiting

•Coming along to an activity group at their local library: details of these can be found via

•Volunteering and learning a new skill, at one of the green spaces for example:

Cllr Maurice Jones, Executive Member for Health, said: “The Five Ways to Wellbeing are designed as a set of easy ways to improve your mental health that anyone can try at any time, and fortunately we’ve got a lot of ways in Central Bedfordshire to help you get started.

“What’s more, Keep Learning is one of the most accessible of the Five Ways. Getting started could be doing something as easy as cooking a new dish or learning a new sport. But making sure you do this, and setting yourself new challenges, is proven to be hugely beneficial to your emotional wellbeing.”

The monthly Five Ways to Wellbeing themes are:

•Connect – with the people around you, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours

•Be Active – by discovering a physical activity you enjoy that suits your level of mobility and fitness

•Take Notice – by being curious and being aware of the world around you and what you are feeling

•Keep Learning – by trying something new and setting a challenge you will enjoy achieving.

•Give – by doing something nice for a friend or a stranger, joining a community group or simple carrying out a random act of kindness, for example

More information about the Five Ways to Wellbeing can be found at