Life-saving equipment comes to Biggleswade

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Equipment that could make the difference between life and death has been supplied to Police - thanks to the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST).

EEAST has distributed 1,000 portable defibrillators across the East of England to make a difference in the vital first minutes when a patient goes into cardiac arrest. If defibrillation is delivered quickly, the survival rate is as high as 75 percent.

One of the machines will be placed at Biggleswade.

Staff have been trained to use the equipment, but the easy-to-use defibrillators can be used in an emergency with no training by members of the public too.

Nicola Khajavelidze, Lead First Aid Trainer at Bedfordshire Police, said: “It’s vital that people have fast access to life-saving equipment in an emergency. The chance of successful defibrillation declines by about 10 percent with each minute of delay, so someone in difficulty needs to be able to access treatment as soon as possible

“This scheme is a fantastic example of how the emergency services are working together to protect people and we would like to thank EEAST for its support.”