Man dies from legal highs that made him feel happy


A ‘gender confused’ 23-year-old died after taking a cocktail of drugs, an inquest heard this afternoon.

Michael Rogers, of Walkers Close, Shefford. was found unresponsive in his bed by his father and was rushed to Lister Hospital by an air ambulance on March 7.

The former Samuel Whitbread Academy student was pronounced dead at the hospital that day and subsequent tests found a fatal amount of morphine in his bloodstream.

An inquest into the death, held in Ampthill this afternoon, heard that police searches later uncovered legal highs in Michael’s room.

Correspondence relating to the purchase of legal highs was also discovered on the 23-year-old’s phone.

In one interaction Michael indicated that the drugs made him ‘feel happy’ before he took his own prescription medicine for clinical depression.

Michael’s father Nicholas told the inquest that his son had been going through ‘troubled times’ in the month prior to his death, but that he seemed ‘fine’ the evening before he was found in his bed.

Mr Rogers added that Michael had confided in his parents that he was gender confused.

Mr Rogers said: “He came in one night and said ‘I do not know who I am’

“To my knowledge he did not take any substances.”

The inquest heard that for the previous two years Michael would cut himself, but had told mental health professionals that he had no intention to kill himself.

Assistant coroner Ian Pears told Michael’s parents that from the evidence presented it did not appear the 23-year-old’s death was the result of a suicide bid.

At the conclusion of the inquest Mr Rogers paid tribute to his ‘lovely’ son, who had shown great promise as a joiner.

Mr Rogers said: “Michael was a great son and brother.

“He was very private and intelligent. When he finished college he got this job and took it in both hands.

“He loved life, he loved his job.

“He was a great lad and we are both very proud of what he did in his short life.”