Man’s death ruled a tragic accident


A pensioner’s death after a collision with a car last December was a tragic accident, a coroner has ruled.

Brian Taylor, 80, suffered from dementia and was out walking his dog at 9pm on December 3 when he was struck by a Nissan Micra on Shortmead Street.

Mr Taylor, of North Gate Court, hit the bonnet of the car and then its windscreen before falling on to the road.

He died at Bedford hospital ten days later.

His son Sean told the inquest: “Walking his dog was something my father did at least three times a day.

“As a family we were never concerned about him going out for his walks, he was aware of his surroundings and never got lost.

“Dementia was something my father suffered from but this never affected his daily life.”

The inquest heard how another son, Glen, offered to buy Mr Taylor a hi-res vest for his evening walks, but he was not interested.

Sean saidthat the family were sympathetic to the driver and that their main focus was caring for their mother Jean, 79. He added that the trauma of his father’s death had caused damage to his mother’s own health .

PC Ian Marshall told the inquest that the driver of the Nissan Micra was driving within the speed limit at the time of the accident. Although one of the headlights had been moderated, it appeared to be in working condition.

Mr Taylor had crossed the road not far from a zebra crossing and may have turned in the road before being hit.

He was wearing a dark jacket and jeans, which the inquest heard contrasted poorly with the dark surroundings.

Assistant coroner Ian Pears stated it was a tragic accident, with a bit of a mystery due to lack of witnesses.

After offering his condolences to the family, a cause of death was recorded as a road traffic accident on December 3.