Memorial Hall shows off renovations during 90th year with a day for the community

Dunton Memorial Hall 90th year celebration
Dunton Memorial Hall 90th year celebration

Dunton Memorial Hall threw open its doors to the community at the weekend to show off the recent renovations and to celebrate its 90th year.

Refreshments were provided by members of the Women’s Institute and villagers enjoyed the opportunity to sit, chat and view the exhibits entered into the village show, on Saturday, October 3.

A spokeswoman for the hall said: “A beautiful birthday cake was cut by the chair of the Memorial Hall committee, Amanda Allard, and everyone was very impressed with how wonderful the hall looked. “Thanks go to all those who helped and especially to Lorraine Bennetts who pulled it all together. An event worth repeating!”

Show results:

Class 1 - set recipe fruit cake: 1st Lesley Chapman, 2nd Jill Davies, 3rd Rita Boulton.

Class 2 - coffee and walnut cake: 1st Claire Short, 2nd Lynne Monck, 3rd Emma Barlow, Highly Commended Tina Fisher.

Class 3 - homemade jam - any variety: 1st Fay Wilson, 2nd Storm Morgan-Smith, 3rd Lorraine Bennetts, Highly Commended Nigel Coomber.

Class 4 - homemade Marmalade: 1st Kate Woolf, 2nd Fay Wilson, 3rd Tina Fisher.

Class 5 - homemade chutney: 1st Lorraine Bennetts, 2nd Nigel Coomber, 3rd Nigel Coomber.

Class 6 - homemade alcoholic beverage: 1st Lorraine Bennetts, 2nd Mrs Swales, 3rd Mrs Swales.

Class 7 - 90th Birthday Card: 1st Lesley chapman.

Class 8 - A decorated 4” flower pot (aged 5 and under): 1st Daniel Allegra, 2nd Jessica Penny, (Carolyn Penny), 3rd Iris Gardiner.

Class 8 - A decorated 4” flower pot (over 5): 1st Brindley Gardiner, 2nd Chloe Smith, 3rd Katie Penny. Class 9 - cancelled.

Class 10 - judges choice soft handicraft sewing: 1st Gemma Cockcroft, 2nd Lorraine Bennetts, 3rd Claire Short.

Class 10 - judges choice soft handicraft knitting: 1st Jill Davies, 2nd Rita Boulton, 3rd Lesley Chapman, Highly Commended Alison Chalkley.

Class 11 - People’s Choice photo of a Dunton view: 1st Chenisse Matthews, 2nd Chenisse Matthews, 3rd Chenisse Matthews.