MORE scheme to help teen drivers

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Young drivers from Luton and Central Bedfordshire are again being offered the chance to improve their knowledge and skills as part of an initiative designed to reduce road casualties.

The MORE 16 and MORE Drive courses are free, thanks to funding from Luton and Central Bedfordshire Councils. The next courses are due to take place at Millbrook Proving Ground on Sunday March 8.

MORE 16 is designed to give 16-year-olds their first experience of driving.

For parents who attend, a high-speed passenger ride with a professional Millbrook driver is available, and advice is also given about choosing a driving instructor and how to help teenagers when practising.

MORE Drive is now available for 17 to 30-year-olds who have already passed their driving test, increasing the upper age limit from 24 years. MORE Drive offers the chance to drive on a skid pan and experience ABS braking systems, as well as practising emergency stops at speed to demonstrate varying stopping distances.

Twenty-year-old Stefan Guarnieri, who attended the MORE Drive course following an accident, found it a real eye-opener.

“It was such a valuable experience,” he said. “During the day I learned about reactions, controlling the car and the repercussions of idiotic driving. We were even shown how to spot flaws on your vehicle during a car check.

“These courses make you a better driver and could potentially save lives.”

Both courses run for half a day, with workshops covering driving skills, maintenance, distractions and safety run by the local authorities, Amey, Bedfordshire Police and Three Shires Driving School.

Drivers from other areas are also able to attend for a fee of £60.

Cllr Dave Taylor, Luton Borough Council’s Executive Member with responsibility for road safety, said: “The MORE 16 and MORE Drive courses are really popular and we have had great feedback from them.

“We are committed to reducing accidents where young people are killed or seriously injured and this education focus is working well.”

Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services from Central Bedfordshire Council, added: “The courses are a great way for our young people to learn new skills and improve their driving ability and I would encourage everyone to take part in order to increase their road safety awareness and driving abilities.”

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