MP reveals stalker horror - Nadine Dorries wants the culprit jailed

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MP Nadine Dorries has bravely spoken out about about her experiences at the hands of a stalker who has “destroyed many other lives.”

The Mid Beds MP revealed she has suffered since 2007 at the hands of a stalker she now wants jailed.

The Tory party member reported her stalker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to police, but the CPS decided not to charge him due to “insufficient evidence”.

Dorries’ stalker started tormenting her seven years ago when she headed a campaign to reduce the legal time limit of abortion to 20 weeks. Unfortunately although the campaign ended her stalker was only just beginning.

Nadine told the T&C: “Since I’ve gone public two dozen people have come forward to tell me they have also suffered at their hands of this person and his cohorts. It’s not one stalker I’ve been dealing with, it’s a stalking gang.

“I’m absolutely appalled at what has happened. This is a criminal act and much of what he is doing is criminal. I am really pleased to have gone public with this as he’s destroyed many other lives. I feel we should be doing a group action because he should go to jail.

“He has numerous accounts on Twitter and he picks his targets very carefully, people who he can quickly whip up hatred up for. But he also got the number of a young researcher when I was on a particular TV programme and targeted her too.

“The stuff they do to me I can deal with but they harass people close to you. They contacted people at my daughter’s school and tried to obtain her movements, attendance and behaviour details. It’s been horrific.

“Another female MP who was targeted before me has been a great help, but to see how ill she looked at the time was awful. My main mistake for the last seven years was to allow them to intimidate me and make me ill. I nearly gave up my job because of it but I am now determined to speak up and fight back. I have had great support from the public and Paladin (national stalking advocacy service who give support to high risk victims of stalking).”

Emma Short, a Cyberstalking expert at the University of Bedfordshire, said: “People in the public eye do attract unwanted attention from people partly because they are a public figure, or because they take a position on something affecting the public. It’s a serious problem. We look at the physical issues of crime but the emotional fallout is sometimes forgotten, one of which is the constant living in fear.”

A spokeswoman for the CPS said: “When considering comments made on or within media and public forums the CPS must consider an individual’s right to free speech.

“It was concluded the blogs did not constitute a course of conduct resulting in harassment as defined by the law.

“A charge of stalking was considered but could not be proceeded with for the same reason.”

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “Anyone who has been the victim of stalking and harassment is encouraged to contact the police on 101.”

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