MP trousered into leather Brexit squabble

Alistair Burt ENGPNL00120130910120945
Alistair Burt ENGPNL00120130910120945

MP Alistair Burt has been caught up in a political row about Brexit, text messages and leather trousers.

The North East Bedfordshire MP was due to visit the Prime Minister this week, alongside fellow Tory MP Nicky Morgan, to discuss their views on Brexit.

But a row erupted when one of the PM’s top fixers sent a text message to Mr Burt, saying Mrs Morgan was univited because she had publicly ridiculed Theresa May’s trousers.

Mr Burt was keen to play down the row, said: ‘While I can understand the interest in stories about arguments amongst colleagues, there are more serious matters deserving more space in our national media.

“I am doing my best for constituents in serving on the Select Committee overseeing Brexit, and talking directly to the PM about our own, and wider views of how to make a success of this process for the UK and the EU.”

It is believed that Mrs Morgan was uninvited over public comments about Theresa May appearing in a newspaper photoshoot wearing £995 leather trousers.

Mr Burt, who has represented North East Beds since 2001, backed the Remain campaign in this year’s EU referendum. He later stepped down from the Conservative front bench, although this was planned sopme time before the vote.

However he remains an important figure within the Conservative Party, and is one of only two pro-Remain Tories on the Brexit Select Committee in Parliament.