Nadine’s daughter: ‘Mum seems happy, confident and excited to come back’

The daughter of jungle MP Nadine Dorries has spoken to the Times & Citizen this morning about her mum’s exit from the show.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd November 2012, 11:48 am

Jen Dorries claimed that, although Nadine didn’t get past the first round of voting on I’M A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, she has achieved her objective of bring politics to a wider audience.

She said: “ I’ve got mixed emotions. I’m sure it would’ve been fun to see her go further in the show but I’m also relieved she is no longer roughing it in the jungle as it really didn’t look all that relaxing or comfortable!”

She added: “I think she was great. I can’t believe some of the challenges she faced out there and I think she was very brave. I don’t believe her goals were so definite as to discuss policy around the campfire, but she has certainly achieved a goal of getting people talking about her which gives her a great platform by which to positively influence politics.”

And Jen has spoken to her mum, who is excited to be returning to the UK.

She said: “I have spoken to her via Skype and will hopefully have more time to talk to her when things are a bit less busy for her over there. Timing is difficult with them being so far ahead of us in Australia. She seems happy, confident and excited to come back and see her family and her beloved Labrador Millie!”