Nadine’s jungle adventure: Massive mistake or brilliant move?

This week readers of the Times & Citizen having been discussing Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries’ controversial decision to go into the jungle:

By The Newsroom
Friday, 9th November 2012, 3:42 pm

Here are a selection of comments that appeared on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as here on our website.

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Michael Jeffs said: “‘Celebrity’ - don’t make me laugh! Yet another example of a deluded egotistical ‘wanna-bee’, whose main criteria is ME, ME and more ME, and knickers to those hard-working tax-payers, who subsidise her Commons salary.

Keep here there - she can cook Crocodile Dundee’s dinner.”

Jayne Maclaren said: “What were the people of Mid Beds thinking when they voted that dreadful self publicising excuse of an MP in?” #imacelebrity

Chris Zaremba said: “Do the right thing and resign.”

Elizabeth Hutchings said: “I think people are being too harsh....any money she makes goes to charity....people always moan that they dnt see there mp doing anything....this lady is trying to show that there is more to her than just being a MP....good luck to her that’s what I say.

Also would like to say....her being there is also putting Bedford well and truly on the map I mean come on our town has now been mentioned on every news program/daytime often does that happen surely only good can come out of it rather than become some witch hunt on someone that has actually does what she believes in even if the top dogs dont like it!”

James Hamilton said: “If the story is that Mrs Dorries gve an interview to the T&C, and told her mate Tim Montgomerie that she was absenting herself from her job for a month; but neglected to inform her constituents or local party; then (a) She has confirmed that she holds us all in contempt and (b) There should be no way back for her.”

Matthew Fletcher said: “Good on her for having the courage to make. that decison. Don’t forget guys that a certain Prime Minister went on holiday during the London riots last year. Did he rush back to. support the police? NO he just cut the policeforces money. Double standards.”

Derek Moore said: “Wish her nothing but luck, good on her! The backlash is really unwarranted in my opinion, as one of her constituents, and i wonder how much is payback from the higher echelons for being outspoken? its a dark day if she’s forced to pull out....”

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