Never a dull moment for first aid volunteer

Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams

Have you ever considered becoming a St John Ambulance volunteer?

Next week is Volunteers’ Week and to mark the date Lewis Williams, manager of the Biggleswade cadet unit, has spoken about his experences with the charity.

Lewis said: “One thing about volunteering with St John Ambulance is that life isn’t boring.

“Last weekend I was on duty at Old Warden for the aircraft flying display. The day is always interesting, watching the old aircraft lovingly restored by the Shuttleworth Trust team.

“Every duty is different, from large gatherings such as Young Farmers’ events to small village shows.

“Preparation starts early, getting all the equipment checked, so first we head to the unit HQ to collect everything – defibrillator, radios and first aid kits. We never know when something will happen, and occasionally there is nothing for us to do.

“Then our first casualty arrived – Gladstone Bear – a very special bear from a nursery school who is on a journey to all places interesting. Julia, my assistant Cadet Leader, treated his injured leg and puts a plaster on his head! His carers were very happy!

“Although we do get these light-hearted moments, on a more serious note we are trained to tackle anything from cuts to life threatening conditions such as cardiac arrest – and it is our ongoing training which gives us the skills to be the difference between life and death.

“Life is never boring when you’re working for the nation’s leading first aid charity. As volunteers is fast approaching I’d like to thank all our present and past volunteers without whose dedication we would not be able to deliver life saving first aid.

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