New franchise will help children with language lessons

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A former teacher is bringing language lessons to babies and children in the Biggleswade area, after setting up a new franchise business that teaches French and Spanish.

Felicity Rawling has opened a Kidslingo franchise teaching children from birth to age 11, with classes around central Bedfordshire, north Hertfordshire and south Cambridgeshire. Its innovative approach is based on the science of learning, and uses a clever mix of music, games, role-play, drama and storytelling.

From November there will be after school classes for pre-school and key stage 1 children at the Orchard Community Centre in Biggleswade. Felicity is offering free taster sessions on Tuesday, October 31, at the centre.

Prior to Kidslingo, Felicity worked as a primary and EYFS teacher. She said; “I love working with children, languages and teaching, so setting up a Kidslingo franchise seemed the perfect blend of all three. I think learning languages is so important and I can’t wait to help inspire children to learn through interactive, fun and memorable lessons.’

Felicity worked in Spain as a teacher and language ambassador for the British Council in Spanish schools and nurseries for four years.

Kidslingo works with private families, pre-schools, nurseries and primary schools all over the UK and is often drafted in to help deliver language lessons where teachers may not have the skills to do so.

Manager of Potton Pre-school, Carrie Smith, said: “Our children ask most days when they will see Felicity. The children race to the carpet as soon as they see her and her bag of props. Lots of our children have picked up words and try to copy using our puppets and making the animal noises after she’s gone. Seeing the smiles on their faces is great and the staff are enjoying the classes as much as the children! It is great to see the children so excited and enthusiastic.”

In addition to pre-school and school classes, Felicity also runs classes for babies and toddlers. Mother of 10-month-old Max, Zara Walton, has family in Spain.

She said: “Max and I have been learning Spanish with Felicity in the comfort of our own home since September. Max loves the classes and learning all the new words and songs and I am learning some too! The classes are really helping Max with his personal development, especially his social skills as we have two others in our class. It’s great to see him interacting throughout the class and watch Felicity so intently and we both enjoy learning something new each week. Max’s Grandparents live in Spain so we will be trying to use what we have learnt the next time we visit.”

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