A new onion that’s nothing to cry about

Everyone hates that moment when you get half way through chopping an onion and your eyes start streaming.

By Luke Gardener
Saturday, 14th February 2015, 8:00 am
Bedforshire Growers have developed a red onion which makes you cry less
Bedforshire Growers have developed a red onion which makes you cry less

Well now that problem can be solved by using a new sweet red onion which has been produced by Bedfordshire Growers in Biggleswade.

The onion has taken 20 years to produce by farmer Alastair Findlay and now that he is finally satisfied with the results 40 tonnes will hit the shelves in ASDA over the coming weeks and months.

Tim Elcombe who works at Bedfordshire Growers said: “It is something which has been worked on for 20 years and it is great that it has finally come to fruition.

“The idea was to create an onion for a salad which is less pungent than usual and doesn’t linger on the breath for as long.”

The final product comes after tasting and dismissing 500 onion bulbs every season for the past two decades and Bedforshire Growers are looking forward to seeing how their new onion sells.

While the flavour is weaker, less of the scent wafts to the nose during chopping.

As a result, the irritant in onions, sulphur, is less likely to make the eyes water.

The Bedfordshire growers site now extends over 98 acres including adjacent farmland.

Despite the expansion of the business over the years the company still retains the original ethos of supporting local growers and supplying crops grown to the very highest technical and environmental standards.

For more information visit www.bedgrow.co.uk