Nine out of ten support whiplash crackdown

Nine out of ten people welcome the government’s clampdown on car insurance claims for whiplash injuries, according to an opinion poll.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 27th May 2012, 7:28 am

The proposals outlined at the government’s motor insurance summit, which included plans for whiplash victims to be assessed by an independent panel of doctors were welcomed by two thirds of respondents who said they agreed with the proposals because they thought the compensation culture was getting out of contro.

A further 27 per cent also agreed with the measures because they are annoyed false whiplash claims are bumping up insurance costs.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, which ran the poll on its website, said: “Our poll speaks volumes about the sentiment towards this compensation culture we appear to be living in.

“The rising cost of motoring is driving families to despair over their finances and false whiplash claims add around £90 a year to a typical car insurance policy.

“We are fully in support of the proposals to tighten the rules around whiplash injury claims from car accidents as every driver is being impacted by the cost even if they’ve never made a claim for whiplash themselves.

“Just as we saw the government banning referral fees to personal injury lawyers last year, it is encouraging to see it continuing to try to tackle the problem of escalating car insurance costs.

“Exaggerated whiplash claims on even the most minor of incidents have contributed to an unprecedented hike in premiums over the last few years. This clampdown is a step in the right direction for motorists who want to see the cost of their car insurance reduced.

“We hope to see changes implemented quickly and efficiently but, until then, it is vital drivers shop around for the best deal to make their hard earned cash go further.”