Old Birds joined by Clare Balding

Clare Balding joins the Old Birds on their walk
Clare Balding joins the Old Birds on their walk

In August 2011, a group who volunteer for the RSPB at The Lodge nature reserve got together on a Friday morning to go for a birding walk around Ickleford Common.

They had such a good time that they decided to do another walk the following month and they are still walking each month nearly four years later.

Val Thomposn, part of the group, said: “The name of the group is the Old Birds as we are not young, are all women and enjoy birding.

“Recently I was listening to Ramblings with Clare Balding on BBC Radio 4 and thought our group might be suitable to be featured so I made contact via their website.

“Dates were arranged and on Wednesday, April 8, eight Old Birds met Clare Pegsdon Hills for a recording session.”

“We had a great walk with fantastic views of Red Kites while Clare chatted with each of us in turn, asking how the group had been formed and what we enjoyed about walking as part of a group.”