Old Warden book which is written by local author available now

The Old Warden book written by Christine Hill
The Old Warden book written by Christine Hill

A local author from Old Warden has just launched her book titled Old Warden Tales of Tenants and Squires.

Christine Hill was born and raised in Old Warden and is proud to be descended from a long line of village ‘peasantry’.

With a lifelong passion for the past in general and Old Warden in particular early retirement from a career in the Civil Service at last provided the time for her to immerse herself in historical research.

Her first venture into writing has been supported by the Heritage Lottery funding of the recent restoration of the Swiss Garden, Old Warden.

The book traces the fascinating history of the village of Old Warden, its inhabitants and their relationship with the Ongley and Shuttleworth landowner families from the 18th century to the early 20th century.

To visit Old Warden is to step back in time. This book guides readers through the village’s unique and intriguing features and explores its rich history.

Christine has a book signing tomorrow at the Shuttleworth Visitor Centre shop.

The book costs £14.99 and is available on Kindle.