John Pilgrim: Christmas is well under way, no thanks to me

My Christmas arrangements are well advanced and it’s not thanks to me!

By The Newsroom
Monday, 5th December 2011, 4:09 am

I am now of an age where I can leave it all to the kids which suits me fine and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before (maybe it was because my wife did it).

I am perfectly content to offer some advice concerning the food and drink and things but I will also be content to find somewhere quiet for a nap or to read a book.

As I look around me I get concerned about how people cope with everyday living, let alone spending out at Christmas. The food shops are fighting to get our custom with various offers, which make you think how much they must be making every day of the week, and the TV adverts for family and kids’ games that start at around £150.

All that and the news on the employment front is not good. Just where do we go from here? I guess the answer is to do the best we can and look forward to easier times.

Now that I watch quite a lot of daytime TV, I am increasingly worried by the number of adverts that offer the chance to walk into a “Money Shop” to borrow cash or get in touch with a company that offers to get you some money for wrongly sold insurance.

Nothing is for nothing and, if it seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably means that it is. But when people, especially youngsters, get into trouble they can be easily tempted.

On the brighter side I guess that the children will soon be bringing home the “Christmassy” items they are busy making at school. I still enjoy getting homemade cards from my grandchildren and misspelled thank you notes are always a pleasure to receive as well. The other day I came across some homemade cards created by my girls when they were young and they still make me smile.

I am hoping that at least some of the grandchildren will agree to entertain the adults at some time during the coming Christmas holiday because I recall the times our daughters put on shows in our front room, their ‘Bucks Fizz” impression was a particular favourite and all for free.”

Who knows I might be able to convince the girls to give us an encore this year but they might take some “Making Their Mind Up”.

Finally a big thank you to my friend Adrian Lisecki for writing to me, he hasn’t been too well of late. I wish you and yours a great Christmas mate and hang on in there.