Life on your own can be good – but without a decent roast dinner!

I WAS considering the pros and cons of living alone (apart from the Spaniel) the other day and I suddenly realised that I am starting to quite enjoy it.

It was a bit difficult to start with when a funny film came on the telly or a piece of magical football happened on Match of the Day because laughing and showing delight on your own didn’t seem enjoyable but that’s changed.

I also revel in the fact that I can leave the ironing until I really feel like doing it, although I haven’t reached the same stage as my neighbour who doesn’t do any ironing at all; I find that a bit too lackadaisical but worth remembering for the future!

I also find it acceptable to be able to plan my day around the things that I think are important, perhaps all this is due to me becoming selfish but that’s not necessarily a bad thing is it?

Providing the selfishness doesn’t impeach on other people’s feelings.

The only real problem I have is that the dog is pretty selfish as well, so planning the day around two walks, supplying a plentiful quantity of tennis balls and food along with a comfortable seat in front of the TV during the evenings is top of my list.

This attitude is due to being in my mature time of life I am sure but there are moments when laughter is often better than being driven crazy.

A good example would be hearing a BBC Radio Five Live presenter asking a question of an expert during a recent news programme “Is the current shortage of water due to a lack of rain?”

Trust me I wasn’t hearing things, that was the question. It’s just possible that the shortage of decent questions is lack of brains my dear boy.

Come to think of it, I’ve just realised that one drawback of living on one’s own is not being able to achieve a decent roast dinner on a Sunday. I buy all the right ingredients and follow recipes slavishly, but the gravy turns out watery, the mashed spuds are lumpy and the vegetables are too hard.

The other thing is that sharing a weepy film is better than crying on your own and complaining about the weather is definitely a two person thing... come to think of it I’m lucky I’ve got the dog!