Over 2,300 hours given up by Specials


Volunteers Week, between June 1 and 7, showcases the work of all volunteers from all different areas.

That certainly applies to the Special Constables in Biggleswade.

Figures show not only has the 22-strong team contributed an incredible 2,300 hours since January 1 – but much of it was completed on the front line.

The hard-working volunteers dealt with everything from licensing checks on some rural pubs and a variety of wildlife issues, to policing the Ickwell May Day and the Scouts Parade.

Officers continue to patrol local crime and disorder hotspots and provide vital help on busy Friday and Saturday nights in Biggleswade town centre.

Specials Chief Officer Wayne Humberstone commented: “The team in Biggleswade has been involved in many initiatives, and is working hard to protect people in the area and fight crime. This strong presence provides a visual deterrent to criminals, and helps reassure local residents that we are there for them.

“The value Specials add to the force is vital; they help us achieve our vision of being a well-respected, high performing, efficiently run police service.”