Patient angry after ‘catalogue of errors’


A woman whose brain tumour went undiagnosed for more than three years has spoken out against the treatment she has since received from her GP surgery.

Margaret Logan-Jones, 62, of Bury Mead in Arlesey, feels her mental health issues have been ignored for some time by Larksfield surgery in Stotfold.

Ms Logan-Jones said: “My faith in all the doctors is at an all-time low.

“I now find myself getting into a real state every time I have a doctor’s appointment because of my anxiety issues.

“I’ve always had the feeling that I have had to argue my point rather than automatically receiving the care I require and need.”

In 2005 Ms Logan-Jones had a benign brain tumour removed which was causing her to have painful migraines.

Since having the tumour removed she developed low self confidence, irritability and agoraphobia, and was referred to mental health experts.

She said: “Each time I got overwhelmed I would ring NHS Direct to calm me down as I live alone.

“I tend to avoid ringing the doctors and use alternatives instead.

“They weren’t interested in me in terms of my head and mental health problems.”

Ms Logan-Jones claims a doctor blocked a referral to a neuro-pyschologist which was planned and told her the type of tumour she had could not cause these sorts of problems when she had previosuly been told it could.

She believes if it hadn’t been for the charity Headway, who she discovered in 2012, then her problems would have exacerbated and she may have spiralled out of control.

Headway is a brain injury association and a registered charity who look to improve life after a significant brain injury.

They can help in a variety of ways including a helpline which can be called, emergency funding and staff who can visit patients and help with the ongoing rehabilitation.

Ms Logan-Jones said: “In 2012 when I learned about Headway things were starting to look up.

“I even managed to go on holiday with a friend twice.”

However, after finishing her period of time with Headway things once again deteriorated and she was starting to feel increasingly anxious and even suffered with heart palpitations.

She contacted her GP surgery but continued to be fed up with the service they provided and has therefore only been back four times in the last two years despite admitting she needs their help.

Ms Logan-Jones is also fed up with the lack of continuity in her care as every time she finds a doctor she feels as if she could make progress with they move on.

She said: “I finally found a doctor I liked but that soon ended.

“We were going to put a plan of action in place but the doctor then left. I was completely left in the lurch and fell flat afterwards.”

She did have success when one doctor referred her to councelling and this helped to alleviate some of her anxiety and depression issues.

Once again this was just a short-term solution though.

Larksfield Surgery who have been treating Ms Logan-Jones were contacted but refused to comment on the accusations being made by her.

For more information on the charity Headway you can visit