Paxman films Great War show at Shuttleworth


Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden was featured in the TV landmark documentary Britain’s Great War.

Written and hosted by Jeremy Paxman, the four part series has shown how the First World War affected the people of Britain - both fighting on the front line and back home.

In the fourth programme, first screened on Monday, February 17, Jeremy paid a visit to the Shuttleworth Collection to see surviving First World War aircraft.

He checked out a Box Kite - good for reconnaissance and “pretty good for scaring German horses - but that was about it,” he said.

But towards the end of the war the Allies began to rule the skies with planes like the Bristol F2B Fighter. These were bigger, stronger and easier to fly - and could be fitted with a wireless to co-ordinate with movements on the ground.

Jeremy interviewed pilot Roger ‘Dodge’ Bailey who described the Bristol Fighter as a ‘jack of all trades’ before they both clambered aboard and took to the skies above Bedfordshire.

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