Pearls of wisdom for PAs in new book by expert in the field

New book by Lindsay Taylor
New book by Lindsay Taylor

Clifton resident Lindsay Taylor has written her first book, A-Z Pearls of Wisdom For Executive PAs, which is receiving acclaim from the PA and business world.

It has been described as “engaging, funny, thought-provoking and a definite Bible for PAs looking to enhance their skill sets and achieve career success.” Lindsay, director of executive training and coaching organisation, Your Excellency Ltd, specialises in training and coaching PAs and administrative professionals across the world.

The former PA has collated a wealth of information from clients worldwide and in her book explains how the role differs in many ways depending on the organisation, sector and team.

She said: “More and more organisations are realising the worth of their admin professionals. Executive PAs are increasingly being accepted as one of the management team. With this status comes the need for specific skills and attributes - specific pearls of wisdom - that are crucial for your overall success.”

Her book is available from Amazon in paper and Kindle version. Lindsay will be speaking at the Office event at London’s Excel on May 11 to 12 and will be taking a supply of books with her at her speaking assignments and training sessions.