Pedalling for Primrose Cancer Unit

Cancer survivor Christine Fisher who's organising a sponsored bike ride for the Primrose Cancer Unit
Cancer survivor Christine Fisher who's organising a sponsored bike ride for the Primrose Cancer Unit

Two years ago Potton mum Christine Fisher wasn’t sure she’d survive the breast cancer she’d been diagnosed with in 2012.

She’d had surgery, six gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and several courses of radiotherapy. She’d lost her hair and her nails had lifted.

In between she’d developed Neutropenic Sepsis, which affects the white blood cells of cancer patients.

“I was very ill,” she recalled. “I was pumped full of antibiotics which took several days to kick in.

“The staff at Bedford Hospital worked so hard to get me well again and my partner and I decided to have a raffle to raise some funds as a thank you for the Primrose Cancer Unit.

“It was also to help future patients have the best possible care while being treated for their illness.”

The raffle raised £4,398 and was followed by a sponsored bike ride last year, which raised a further £2,138.

Now Christine and her partner – Les Williams of Pedals in Biggleswade – are organising a second sponsored bike ride on Sunday, June 14 and they’re hoping even more people will join them for such a worthy cause.

She admitted to coming last “by a long long way last year” and is resigned to the same thing happening again this time round.

But she’s looking foward to taking part, even though she struggles to walk and cycle. “I have very little strength in my legs, due to the damage from chemo,” she explained. “My balance is not as good as it was before my treatment and I often need a walking stick.”
Although she’s been given the all clear, she has ongoing problems with lymphoedema.

“It’s more of an inconvenience really,” she said. “I have to visit the clinic regularly and still suffer from numbness in my fingers and feet.”

Prior to her diagnosis, the mother-of-two had a history of cysts. And when she discovered a lump in her breast, she assumed it was simply another one.

“But it got bigger and harder and started to protrude,” she said. “I’m normally quite a negative person but for once in my life I was positive and told myself it couldn’t be cancer – and I was wrong.

“I think I knew it really was. But when you get the diagnosis, it’s such a shock. It’s like being hit by a brick wall. It’s all consuming, you can’t focus on anything else. Les and I were both numb.”

But the couple put their own feelings on hold to concentrate on organising a raffle to raise funds for the Primrose Cancer Unit.

“Les is great,” Christine said. “He promotes things in the shop. And if he does a minor repair, he’ll say ‘No charge, but please make a donation.’ People give £5 and £10 and it all adds up.”

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