Arlesey couple celebrate 60 year diamond wedding anniversary

An Arlesey couple were delighted to mark their diamond wedding anniversary on February 25 and celebrate six decades of laughter and smiles.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 3:19 pm

Louie and Pat Mullen first met when they were 15 and 18 respectively at a popular dance held at the site of Three Counties Hospital, although her parents weren’t big fans of Pat because he was Irish and “they thought he was a Teddy Boy!”

However there was no stopping true love, and Pat was allowed to have Louie’s hand in marriage when she turned 21 (the legal age), with the ceremony at Letchworth Free Church because Pat was Catholic and Louie Church of England.

Remembering her parents’ first reaction, Louie laughed: “He was actually a Mod - not that that would have made any difference!

Pat, 84, and Louie, 81. The couple have four grandchildren and can’t wait to celebrate properly with their family post-pandemic.

“We’ve done quite a lot over the 60 years - more than some people, and we’ve been lucky because we’ve had our health.

“We’re both opinionated and have lots of lovely discussions, and Pat says I have a good sense of humour.”

Giving advice to young couples, Louie added: “You’ve got to have your own life as well as your own friends; don’t do everything together.”

Pat and Louie have three children: Kelly (1965), Kirsty (1967), and Patrick (1970).

Louie and Pat.

The couple have always lived in Chronicle country and even built their own house, with the family living in a caravan during construction and Louie calling Pat to come in for dinner with a whistle!

On family life, Louie, who used to work for the NHS, said: “It was hectic. I loved it and I don’t know where the years have gone - the older you get the faster it goes.”

The couple, with Louie as book keeper, also ran two picture framing shops, one in Hertford and one in Hitchin, with the former burning down and needing to be restored.

However, their hard work has been rewarded with holidays, including golf in Spain (where they bought a property) and a Baltic cruise, which included the “fabulous architecture” of St Petersburg.

Kirsty said: “They both started with absolutely nothing and have achieved so much in their lives and remain really positive, happy and hilarious people, who my siblings and I are so proud of. My dad continued to work until he was 79 and up until Covid he still goes skiing every year at aged 84!”

Louie added: “My husband brings me a cup of tea up every morning and I say, ‘Here we go, it’s another day in paradise’.”