Bedfordshire MP slams ‘obsessed’ colleagues over no confidence vote

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North East Beds MP Alistair Burt says he is backing the Prime Minister in tonight’s no confidence vote.

And he has slammed those of his fellow MPs who have called for the vote.

On his website Mr Burt said: “In tonight’s confidence vote on PM Theresa May, I shall be voting for the Prime Minister.

“Given the almost impossible job of respecting the Referendum vote, securing the best interests of the country and satisfying all elements of the Conservative Party, Theresa May has worked tirelessly to deliver on all these things.

“With just a few weeks before the due date to leave the EU, the idea of a leadership challenge and contest in the Conservative Party will be greeted with incredulity by the public, by those concerned for our economic and employment welfare, and by our many friends overseas.

“We look alarmingly self indulgent, and once again, as so often over the years, those entirely obsessed with leaving the EU on their own terms will risk undermining their Party and our voters, as well as alienating any we wish to attract to the Conservative Party in the future.

“We have a chance for an agreement to leave the EU, but maintain a good relationship with it, and seek to heal and unite the country for the future.

“A leadership contest now does not do this, but will, for sure, guarantee a very determined contest for the soul of the Conservative Party.”

Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries has stated she was one of those who submitted a letter of no confidence. She tweeted last month: “To be clear, I submitted my own letter to Graham Brady some weeks ago. The writing has been on the wall for some time.”