Benji wears his many badges with pride


A Potton Beaver Scout has been keeping his mum busy securing all his badges after collecting the entire set.

And Benji Cox’s achievements are all the more remarkable because the seven-year-old is deaf and has special educational needs.

Benji, who is with the 1st Potton, Riverbank Beaver Colony, received his Bronze Chief Scout Award - the highest accolade for a beaver Scout - last weekend.

It goes with his 21 Activity Badges including Activity Plus, 14 Staged Badges including varying levels (Blue) - but including the levels gained, 27, and 6 Challenge Badges which are towards the Chief Scout Award (Red).

Benji also has the maximum amount of Joining in Awards for a Beaver Scout (2) - each star represents a year in Scouting and he also holds a Leadership Stripe as Lodge Leader for his Lodge (Thames Lodge).

Mum Lucy, who is now Dragonfly for the group, said: “With the support of a fantastic local school and an understanding headteacher at Sutton VA Lower School and taking his place into the Scouting family as a Beaver just before his 6th birthday,

“Benji has been able to learn many valuable life skills, and most importantly grow in his confidence, it really has been the developing and making of the young chap we see today. Benji has worked tirelessly to gain every badge possible and most recently has taken up sailing to complete his collection.”

He has competition though, little sister, Alyssa, 6, already has a sleeveful of badges!