Biggleswade social media influencer on mission to help young mothers

A Biggleswade social media influencer is hoping to inspire women and young mothers to fight negative stigmas and achieve their dreams.

By Jo Gravett
Sunday, 13th December 2020, 12:41 am

Tia Stringer, 24, is making it her mission to post positive Instagram posts about body confidence, mental health, and being a single mum, as she aims to challenge stereotypes.

The social media influencer wants to encourage young mothers to walk tall and achieve their career goals, while she hopes to encourage discussion about mental health and body positivity.

Tia, who has 19.8k followers on Instagram, said: “I had a bad relationship when I was younger. I fell pregnant and I ended up with bulimia.

Tia and her daughter Marnie; in New York. Instagram: @tialilyann

“I had to be C-sectioned [caesarean sectioned] early. I had no job, I was living in a bedroom and I didn’t have a driving licence.

“I was lonely, I can’t describe how lonely I was. There was no support.”

However, Tia was determined to turn her life around. She passed her driving test, and is currently studying psychology at the Open University - and all whilst holding down her job as a cleaner and being a loving mum to daughter Marnie, now aged six.

Speaking about being a teenage mother, Tia said: “You could be the youngest mum at the playgroup or playground and it can be horrible, very judgmental. It’s hard to pull yourself out of that situation, but it doesn’t mean things are over.

“My mum told me that education is the way out of poverty.”

After she completes her degree, Tia would like to provide mental health support to young adults leaving the care system, while she hopes to set up a local support group for young mothers under 25.

She has also collaborated with a company called Lechery in New York, which aims to promote body confidence in women.

Tia said: “I had a c-section so my body completely changed. It’s got scars, stretch marks, but it’s totally normal and I think it’s beautiful.”

She concluded: “I would like to say thank you my family and friends for supporting me over the years.

“If anyone is struggling, my inbox is always open. Keep talking to someone, just keep talking.”