Could you donate to Biggleswade and Sandy Community Book Pledge?

'Everyone should have access to books and have the opportunity to feel them, read them, explore them'

Thursday, 26th August 2021, 4:13 pm

A kindhearted woman from Potton is appealing for donations to her Community Book Pledge in a bid to make sure that no-one misses out on a good read.

Christine Dunne, 31, is asking residents and local businesses if they could spare some money towards her goal of £1,000, which will enable her to choose a large selection of Usborne books for the Sandy and Biggleswade Children's Centre.

The team will then allocate the books to both adults and children who would benefit from reading, with jigsaws, games and resources included, too.

Christine Dunne and a selection of Usborne books. Photos: Christine Dunne.

Christine said: "I'm really passionate that everyone should have access to books and have the opportunity to feel them, read them, explore them.

"I'm conscious that not everyone has that opportunity - that could be children, whole families, teenagers, parents.

"Books obviously help with education and I think if everybody has access to them at home it gives everybody an equal opportunity.

"It can also be an escape if you are going through a tricky time - you can let your imagination run wild."

Christine is an Usborne Organiser and helps schools and nurseries encourage children to read and introduce more books into the classroom.

Explaining why some families may not always have access to books, she added: "It could be many reasons, people may have lost their jobs, or perhaps the parents can't read, so they have that fear, and don't have books in the house.

"But if parents are not confident there are lots of different types of books - fiction and non fiction, and lots of question books - such as 'Why Does It Rain?' where you can explore and promote discussion and conversation. There's also painting, colouring and activity books."

Christine would like to thank Biggleswade United Football Club, Elephant and Feather, Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents, and The Barns for supporting her initiative.

The mum-of-three and teacher added: "I love the enjoyment they [children] get from books and their inquisitiveness - they want to know more, and why, and how.

"It's really important to support the local community and it will have such a big impact."

You can donate online or visit Christine's Facebook page to find out more.