Labour party launches Mid Beds campaign at Shefford's Indoor Activity and Play Centre

Mid Beds Labour Party launched its general election campaign at the Hive Indoor Activity and Play Centre in Shefford, on Sunday, November 10.

The Labour Party believed the venue was appropriate, given the party's commitment to free childcare, enhancing the life chances of disadvantaged children, and increasing the number of Sure Start Centres.

Labour Party launches its Mid Beds campaign

Labour Party launches its Mid Beds campaign

Parliamentary Candidate, Rhiannon Meades addressed party activists and their families, speaking about injustices she has directly witnessed in Mid Bedfordshire, and which make her very angry.

These include the disabled man who is also his wife’s carer, struggling on carer’s allowance, unable to access the local railway platforms, and hit by the bedroom tax, the woman subjected to racism, exacerbated since the Brexit vote and the single Mum in extremely poor, damp housing.

She said: “Nadine Dorries is not here for these people.

"She is guilty of absence and neglect. Mid Beds needs a Labour government.

“We need to make a noise, and not just in Mid Bedfordshire: let’s surround Mid Beds by red in Bedford, Milton Keynes North and South, and Stevenage.”