More double yellow lines to be introduced on Biggleswade roads

Two schemes have been approved in the town due to vehicle obstruction and visibility issues

By Euan Duncan
Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 9:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 9:48 am

A councillor says she hopes an ice cream van can still park near one of two sites where yellow lines are being introduced in Biggleswade

One of the schemes to benefit from new waiting restrictions is close to Saxon Park and the Biggleswade Skatepark, a popular location for the trader.

The yellow lines were approved at the junction of Chambers Way and Lilac Grove at a Central Bedfordshire Council traffic management meeting, as well as for a separate scheme covering part of Fairfield Road.

Double yellow lines are being introduced in two sites in Biggleswade.

Principal highways officer Lisa Wright told the meeting: "A consultation was held over two locations in Biggleswade about having double yellow lines because of vehicle obstruction and visibility issues.

"At Fairfield Road, there were concerns raised about when vehicles enter it from Sun Street they're forced on to the wrong side of the road," she said.

"There's a short section of yellow line already, but it was asked for this to be extended to Vickers Close and there were no objections.

"The second location is the Chambers Way junction with Lilac Grove by Saxon Park and the skatepark, with parking causing problems, especially at weekends.

"One area highlighted was by the entrance to Lilac Grove, where there are two informal crossing points.

"The double yellow lines are proposed to cover the junction and extend past those crossing points to keep that section clear."

One comment was received in favour of the Fairfield Road proposals, according to a report to councillors.

There were four responses to the Chambers Way junction plans, and one objection, with three in support and one objection, including a request for the lines to be extended further.

"We'll consult with councillors to see if there are any other sections of Chambers Way, which require yellow lines," she added.

"A particular area is down near the junction with London Road, which I've spoken to ward members about."

Independent Biggleswade South councillor Hayley Whitaker said: "There are issues pulling out of Lilac Grove and into Chambers Way where you end up facing oncoming traffic.

"The idea of having more yellow lines at the junction of Chambers Way with London Road would be welcome.

"But I'm also aware that we don't want to lose the ice cream van which parks close to the skatepark.

"And some parking along that road is useful to slow down the traffic," she added.

"Another thing to consider is that road is going to become a lot busier with land east (of the town) moving forward."

Conservative Biggleswade South councillor Mark Foster said in a statement: "The issue here at peak time, during the warm weather, is the use of the play area increases illegal parking close to the junction with Lilac Grove."

Conservative Biggleswade North councillor Steve Watkins said: "If I can cheekily suggest if you'd also like to put in a roundabout at the junction of Chambers Way and Lilac Grove I'd be incredibly happy.

"The Fairfield Road yellow lines are welcome. There's a problem with people speeding down Sun Street and parking to use the nearby fish and chip shop."

Conservative Arlesey councillor Ian Dalgarno, who chairs the meeting, said he would implement the scheme as laid out.

He asked highways officers to discuss the potential for further yellow lines with local councillors, as more development is expected in the area, and to report back.

Conservative Biggleswade North councillor Ian Bond declared an interest in the agenda item and left the meeting.