Multiple cat deaths in Biggleswade street spark RSPCA alert

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Oli and Obi H5OotdVhgoZ0zVIqVU8M

A woman from Biggleswade is warning pet owners to be extra vigilant after three of her cats were killed in the space of three days.

Julie Burchell, of Lindsell Crescent, wants to make people aware of what has happened this week after she lost three of her six cats in unusual circumstances.



To add to the mystery one of her neighbours has also found one of their cats dead and another is still missing.

Julie said: “I’m afraid that we may have a repeat of what happened a few years ago where cats were going missing and turning up dead.

“On Monday night I thought my cat, Billy Boy (pictured) had been run over, he was badly hurt, we took him to the vet and he sadly died.

“The next morning I found another of my cats, Tabitha (pictured) dead by the side of my house, not a mark on her and then this morning my neighbour knocked on my door, having found Maizy dead at the side of the road, again, not a mark on her.

Billy Boy

Billy Boy

“Another lady, who lives down my road, posted on Facebook that one of her cats is missing and another had been found dead – again, no marks on them.

“I had six cats, and have lost three since Monday night, I am so upset, they are like family.

“I want people to be aware of what is happening, please be extra vigilant and keep an eye on your cats, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

“I have reported it to the police, I am waiting for them to call me back and I have reported it to the RSPCA.”

Julie’s neighbour, who asked not to be named, said her cats Oli and Obi went out around 10.30pm on Monday, October 8 as normal. However the next morning, they had not returned and she and her family became very worried.

Sadly Obi who is around 9-10 years old (black in colour) was later found dead in their garden. The cause of death is not known.

Her second cat Oli who is ginger and white in colour aged around 8 years old is still missing and she is increasingly concerned for him.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We are so sad to hear that these cats have died or gone missing from this one area and it must be truly heartbreaking for their owners.

“While at this stage we do not know if this is in relation to deliberate or accidental incidents we would issue a warning to cat owners in the area to be extra vigilant.

“We would urge all cat owners to keep a close eye on their pets and their behaviour and if they suspect they have been injured or poisoned we would advise they seek immediate veterinary attention.

“As a precaution we would also ask people who are using substances such as anti-freeze to make sure they are extremely careful in their storage of it and how they dispose of it.

“If anyone has any information which can help us with our investigation they should call 0300 123 8018 or contact the police.”

Signs of poisoning can be seen anything from 30 minutes after ingestion to two or three days. This can include some, or all of the following symptoms: vomiting, seeming depressed or sleepy, appearing drunk or uncoordinated, seizures and difficulty breathing.

It is a criminal offence under the Protection of Animals Act 1911 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to administer poison, dangerous drugs or substances to an animal; and under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 it is a criminal offence to allow a cat to suffer unnecessarily.

A Beds Police spokesman said: “We have received two reports from concerned residents from Lindsell Crescent, Biggleswade, whose cats have died in recent days.

“We have not received any information of suspicious activity in the area and while we appreciate this is a distressing and upsetting time for the owners, we would need confirmation from a vet that the deaths are thought to be caused by poisoning before it becomes a police matter. Anyone who notices any suspicious activity is asked to call us on 101.”