New Slimming World consultants aim to inspire with weight loss success stories

Amber lost 1st 8lbs for her wedding, and Kirsty lost four stone after her weight began to affect her epilepsy.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 4:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th May 2021, 4:14 pm

Two determined women are launching their new Slimming World groups in Chronicle country after embarking upon their own inspiring weight loss journeys.

Kirsty Brown, 25, from Biggleswade, and Amber Ingrey, 44, from Guilden Morden are launching their new face to face sessions this week, as they hope to welcome lots of new members to the sessions.

Both ladies have battled their own weight loss challenge, with Kirsty losing four stone in the last year after her weight began to affect her epilepsy and Amber losing 1st 8lbs for her wedding.

Amber and Kirsty.

Kirsty, who works as a teacher, said: "My anti-seizure meds had stopped working and I felt like the world was against me. I’d hide in baggy tops and black jeans.

"I swopped convenience food for healthy, filling alternatives. Nothing is off the cards - I just 'fakeaway' instead of takeaway, and I still enjoy my nights out – I save my syns for my gins!"

Joining a group gave Kirsty's motivation a real boost and losing weight has made a huge difference to her health.

Kirtsy's epilepsy is now back under control and her new hobby is taking the dog running.

Amber before; and on her wedding day with her father, Ash.

She added: “I feel so much more confident – now I feel like I can be like one of the girls. I feel fabulous and I love myself now.”

Meanwhile, back in 2013, Amber endeavoured to slim down for her wedding day.

Joining in January 2013, she followed the Slimming World plan and hit her target weight at the group session three days before her wedding!

Amber said: "I just know how amazing it feels when you hit your target weight and I can't wait to let people know how amazing it is, and how easy it is.

Kirsty before and after.

"It doesn't feel like you are on a diet, because nothing is banned - it's just about rebalancing."

Amber has been a faithful Slimming World member ever since.

She thought about applying to be a consultant on several occasions, and this year the time was right.

Giving advice, she said: "Don't be nervous. You're going to be in a room full of like-minded people.

"I'll probably be more nervous than you!

"I have a part time job already and took this role because I want to make a difference to other people. When you lose someone, you look at life a bit differently."

Amber lost her father, Ash Bourne, to cancer in 2019. She is planning to wear her poppy dress for her first group meeting tonight [May 20] in his memory, as he loved the flower.

Amber's sessions will be held on Thursdays in Potton Club at 6.15pm and 7.15pm.

Text or call her on: 07946268318.

Kirsty's session is on May 29 at 8am in Stratton Upper School, Biggleswade.

Text or call: 07980 901401.