Potton author will visit schools as part of her book launch

A former school teacher from Potton has released the next edition in her children's book collection, Meadow Farm.

Elizabeth Price, known in the community as Liz Wiltshire, a former teacher at Potton Lower School, is launching her second children's picture book, The Meadow Farm Talent Show, at The Coach House, in Potton Market Square, on Saturday, November 16, from 2.15pm till 4.30pm.

Liz with her new book

Liz with her new book

The Meadow Farm collection is based on different values, the 59-year-old released her first book in the collection, The Meadow Farm Band, in May.

Liz writes and illustrates the books herself, The Meadow Farm Talent Show teaches children about confidence, all of the animals are looking forward to The Meadow Farm Talent Show, except for Carlene Cow, who gets very nervous when asked to perform in front of others, children will follow Carlene’s journey.

She said: "I have been thrilled with how well children have understood the value of inclusion in The Meadow Farm Band.

"I look forward to how seeing how children respond to the idea of confidence being a journey in The Meadow Farm Talent Show.

The Meadow Farm Talent Show

The Meadow Farm Talent Show

"I will be taking the book to various children's settings in and around Potton including TOAST, Potton Preschool. Woodentops Nursery, Potton Lower School, Sutton Lower School and Everton Primary.

"I will be going talking to them about the book and I will give them some work to do as well.

"I will also be visiting schools further afield in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire to do literacy workshops based on her books."

Liz has developed her website to include a large number of children's activities and resources for teachers, for more information visit: meadowfarmbooks.net.