Satisfy your appetite for weight loss in 2020 at Great Barford's Slimming World group

The Slimming World group in Great Barford is welcoming new members at the start of 2020 as many people look to start the new year with a health kick.

The group supports members from across Barford, Roxton, Blunham and Willington.

Laura has lost seven stone since joining Slimming World

Laura has lost seven stone since joining Slimming World

Lorraine Killen, local district manager for Slimming World, said: "At Slimming World we’ve been helping slimmers achieve their dreams since 1969.

"The NHS have published much advice this New Year of the danger of fad diets. There’s nothing “faddy” about food optimising at Slimming World.

"It’s about learning how to satisfy your appetite by filling up on those foods you can eat freely, things like chicken, lean meat, pasta, potatoes, fruit, vegetables. Real food!

"Which gives real results. If you’re feeling full and not depriving yourself - it’s so much easier to stay in control of those foods and snacks that will stop you from losing weight.

Claire has lost six stone since joining Slimming World

Claire has lost six stone since joining Slimming World

"Because it’s not a diet - it means the whole family can eat together too. Family friendly meals are still on the menu in my house - even chips!"

Two women from Great Barford's Slimming World group are sharing their weight loss stories.

Laura Brandon-Walsh was a secret binge eater but with the support of the group she has been able to be open and honest and has beaten her habit.

She decided to join Slimming World in January 2019, after she saw photos and videos of herself a New Year's Eve party and was horrified by what she saw.

Now one year on, she has lost seven stone and runs 5k every day.

Claire Edwards, from the same group, suffers with COPD and has early onset emphysema, since losing six stone she has not been hospitalised.

Claire joined in 2016, she said: "I saw a reflection of myself in a window at the shopping centre, and was disgusted for letting myself get into such a state.

"It has changed my life so very dramatically, and I owe my life to Slimming World."

Claire refused to marry her fiance and made him wait 15 years, because she refused to be a 'fat bride', and did not want to hate her photos.

Since losing the weight, she feels healthier, climbed the O2 and finally got married in a size 10 wedding dress.

There are groups running in Sandy, Biggleswade, Potton, Gamlingay and Great Barford, for more information visit