Teens' 24 hour gameathon in Meppershall raises over £3.4k for Children In Need

'It was a fantastic team effort and I could have never done this alone without them'

By Joanna Gravett
Friday, 19th November 2021, 11:23 am
Updated Monday, 22nd November 2021, 12:26 pm

A determined team of teenagers held a 24hour gameathon in Meppershall, raising a fantastic £3,900 for Children In Need.

From 10am on Saturday until 10am on Sunday (November 13 - 14) the nineteen-strong group played everything from Monopoly and Pictionary to ping pong and Rock Band.

The competitive team members were Jack Careem, Charlie Williams, Finley Hampson, Ivan Barnes, Ben Miles-Graham, Luke Stevenson, Joseph Stevenson, Daniel Bookbinder, George White, Benjamin Mercado, Beau Casey, Jake Racher, Harvey Carter, Daniel Batchelet, Kiera McGilley, Ben Springett, Owen Barnett, Zephyr MacGregor and Milo Nizzardi.

24 hour gameathon. Photo: Jack and Su Careem.

The teens battled tiredness to stay awake for the full day and the JustGiving website is still open if you would like to show your support and donate.

Organiser Jack Careem, 14, said: "We were all there together, keeping each other going and the whole morale of it really did make it work.

"It definitely became hard at 3/4am - everyone was getting tired, so to keep each other up we would go into the hall, jog and touch the ceiling.

"It was a fantastic team effort and I could have never done this alone without them.

24 hour gameathon. Photo: Jack and Su Careem.

"They were so motivated to find sponsors and they are a fantastic group of people."

The gameathon was held in Meppershall Village Hall and Shefford Mayor Councillor Ken Pollard paid a special visit, taking on a video game called Rock Band.

"He enjoyed being there with everyone and joining in," said Jack.

"I think he thought it was a really creative idea to be able to do - kids playing games, you wouldn't think that would be a way to raise money, but anything you can do to raise money for charity you should try."

24 hour gameathon. Photo: Jack and Su Careem.

In previous years, the team have held three gameathons for Children In Need, raising £867 in 2017, £1,918 in 2018, and £3,002 in 2019.

The pandemic put a stopper to any action in 2020, so the friends were determined to break their previous records and raise as much money as possible for the bear with the yellow bandage.

Talking about his initial inspiration, Jack said: "I was watching the Children In Need appeal show with my mum and dad and saw stories of children older and younger who couldn't do some things we take for granted, like playing games. I thought, that's not right."

Proud mum Su Careem nominated Jack for the Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year Award 2021, in which he reached the final four.

24 hour gameathon. Left: Michael Ball and Jack Careem. Photo: Jack and Su Careem.

Jack travelled down to London to be interview by presenter and singer Michael Ball on his Radio 2 show, while lucky mum Su was able to meet Michael, too!

Jack said: "It was a really cool place with a DJ'ing area and booths and he was such a nice guy, really down to earth.

"It was absolutely amazing when my Mum told me, I never thought I would get this far."

Mum Su said: "I wanted to nominate Jack because every year he does this of his own back to support Children In Need. He spends hours doing the timetables and the schedule. I'm very proud."

However, emphasising the team effort with his biggest thank you, Jack concluded: "It's got to be to the team who made this possible. It's down to their hard work and dedication!"

The mum and son would also like to say a big thank you to all the local businesses which supported them.

24 hour gameathon. Photo: Jack and Su Careem.

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