You're invited to a Christmas coffee morning at Sandy's Wood Green charity shop

The team is also appealing for volunteers

By Joanna Gravett
Thursday, 25th November 2021, 9:49 am
Updated Friday, 26th November 2021, 1:22 pm

Sandy's Wood Green animal charity is inviting residents to enjoy festive fun and tasty treats at its Christmas coffee morning.

Talented volunteers Caroline Ness and Barry Woolhead will be performing songs outside the store on Friday, December 3, with coffee and mince pies available for the public.

The Shannon Court charity shop is hoping the event will raise some much needed funds this winter, while it is also advertising for new volunteers.

Caroline and Barry. Photo: Vanessa Biggs.

Barry, 65, said: "I think it's going to be a lovely, warm friendly atmosphere. It's just in the little corridor outside the shop.

"There will be cakes, it will have that Christmas feel, and of course anyone who comes along can make requests and I will do my utmost to sing and play for them."

Caroline, 30, told the Chronicle: "I've been coming to the shop since August and I've been really, really enjoying it.

"They have a shelter in Godmanchester. They rescue all sorts of animals, mainly cats and dogs, but rodents too.

Caroline and Barry. Photo: Vanessa Biggs.

"It's a lovely place."

Caroline and Barry are of course animal lovers and have both adopted rescue dogs in their lifetime.

Caroline said: "I have had two Wood Green dogs, so that's why I wanted to get involved.

"I remember we got our first dog, Monty when I was 14. He was a stray who had been found in a complete state by a layby. He was a lovely animal, so special.

Barry with staffie/terrier cross Lucky (left) who now lives with his son in Scotland, and (right) Marmite, a rottweiler cross who had been found abandoned in a storm drain. Photos: Barry Woolhead.

"Then we rescued Abbey who was six months old. Someone had thrown her out the house.

"Just think, those dogs wouldn't have had a chance without those animal charities."

Barry was the proud owner of rescue dog Marmite when he lived in Singapore, and later adopted Lucky when he returned to live in England.

The two volunteers are now hoping that other animal lovers will sign up and volunteer at the shop, so as vital funds can continue to help creatures in need.

Abbey and Monty. Photos: Caroline Ness.

Caroline, who works as a nanny, said: "It's a really welcoming team and everyone is so friendly. Vanessa [the shop manager] explains everything and trains you, and you can donate a full afternoon or chunks of your time."

Barry, who is retired and a former teacher at Sandy Upper School, added: "It's nice to meet the public and see the regular customers who come in the shop. You get some interesting conversations."

You can see Barry and Caroline perform together on December 3 from 10am - 1pm outside Wood Green charity shop.

Caroline (vocals) is interested in amateur dramatics, while Barry (vocals and guitar) was in various bands when he was younger, including an Irish music group called 'Gan Ainm' in Singapore.

Barry laughed: "It will be an enjoyable way to get into the Christmas spirit and have a sing-along; it will mean a lot if you come - if you don't, I'll be singing to the cakes!"

To get in touch about volunteering, email: [email protected] or call: 01767 680902.

Barry and Gan Ainm in Singapore. Photo: Barry Woolhead.